Care for you and the world

Welcome to the new world of SANTE natural cosmetics!


SANTE - Care for you and the world


The development and production of SANTE natural cosmetics is based upon the responsible stewardship of nature’s – and, indeed, of people’s – resources. All products are manufactured in observation of extensive quality criteria. We choose our raw materials carefully, taking the value-preserving further processing into consideration, and guarantee environmentally-sound packaging materials and conscientious quality controls. We respect the needs of our environment, we are involved in the protection of animals and the preservation of the world as a whole.

SANTE stands for sustainable, natural cosmetic quality products, and represents principles which have become stronger and stronger in the course of the years. In order to give our customers, partners and suppliers a better understanding of these principles, we have summarised our values in five guiding principles. Because if we want to make the world a bit nicer, let’s start with ourselves!

1. ENVIRONMENT — We take responsibility for the planet.

  • Environmentally compatible packaging
  • Proven environmentally compatible production methods
  • No genetically modified or irradiated raw materials or packaging

2. NATURE — We trust in the power of Nature.

  • Raw materials of controlled organic origin or collected in the wild
  • Pure vegetable oils and active ingredients
  • Plant extracts from in-house production
  • No paraffins, parabens and silicones
  • No synthetic preservatives and colorants

3. RESPONSIBILITY — To us, „fair“ and „responsible“ are synonymous.

  • An organically grown company with family-friendly working conditions
  • Close partnerships with our customers and suppliers
  • Local and global social commitment
  • Support for fair-trade products worldwide

4. QUALITY — We guarantee certified organic quality „made in Germany“.

  • Decades of experience in the development and production of natural cosmetics
  • Quality assurance by on-going control of raw materials and packaging materials
  • Certification of our products by independent control centers
  • International quality standards guarantee the best possible natural cosmetics quality

5. HUMANITY — For us, humanity is incompatible with animal experiments.

  • We do not conduct animal experiments
  • Advocating alternative test methods
  • Use of tried and trusted raw materials
  • Range of vegan products